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Baby Blessings

Baby BlessingThe purpose of a blessing ceremony for a newborn is to consciously sanctify the entrance of a wondrous being into the world so that this being may walk through their life remembering their true essence. It is to give thanks for the miracle of new life, to support the parent(s) in stepping into parenthood consciously with love and clarity. It is to acknowledge the sacred role of the grandparents and the godparents as guardians offering unconditional love, acceptance and wisdom to this new generation, and to honour the interconnectedness of us all. It is a ceremony of great celebration, gratitude and joy.

Ceremonies can be carried out in any location - a house, a garden, a boat........ and may be carried out for children of any age.

Geraldine will help the parents to identify their intentions and their vision for the way they want to raise this child and will put a ceremony together that that is reflective of their values and goals, their favourite passages and music, and is inclusive of all who wish to contribute to the ceremony.

Participant Comments

Shona Forsythe Fullerton
We had felt a need for some time to have a ceremony to celebrate our 5 children's births but did not feel able to do justice to such an occasion ourselves. We didn't know how such a ceremony could unfold but Geraldine came up with a beautiful proposition and incorporated all the elements we wanted. The eldest was 6 and the youngest just 12 months when we held the ceremony in our garden. It was a wonderful way to tell them how special they are, how important their lives are, how much love they have around them and also to remind us of the wonderful role we have to play. Geraldine helped the older children feel very proud at this moment just for them and it was a very special moment for our family.

At the same time we held a ceremony to honour the life of Finley who was only with us for 7 months. It was a beautiful way to celebrate his short life and has brought me some peace and helped me move forward with my grieving.

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