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Sacred Ceremonies for Special Occasions

Interfaith Ministry

Geraldine was ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 1998. Interfaith Ministers teach, counsel and serve all in their communities, whatever their faith, religion or beliefs. Their philosophy is best summed up as:

"We affirm the truth in all faiths and spiritual paths. To use the metaphor of a tree, we are each rooted in our own tradition and then branch out toward the teachings of other paths. All authentic spiritual traditions express the same universal teachings using different words and symbols... The rainbow's beauty consists of its many hues... Unity does not mean uniformity."

There is no set dogma to be followed and no fixed Ministerial role. Each graduate of The One Spirit Interfaith Seminary will serve in their ownway in their own communities. Some Ministers will choose to offer Services of worship and celebration; some Ministers will concentrate on spiritual counselling; some will want to focus on a specific area such as working with the dying or the bereaved ....... and some might want to bring a spiritual perspective to the workplace.

Geraldine's chosen focus for her ministry and spiritual work is on conducting sacred ceremonies for special occasions, and working with individuals and groups on their own spiritual awakening and exploration.

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Interfaith Ministry in Ireland

There are now 35 ordained One Spirit Interfaith Ministers covering the 32 counties of Ireland. For more information about the Ministers and what we do please see:

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Sacred Ceremonies

People who attend services and ceremonies as part of their religious tradition experience a sense of community and connectedness with those who are following the same path. However, those who have left a particular religion often miss that aspect of joining together with others to celebrate events, give praise to their deity, and sing and pray together. Still others, who have no wish to join an organised religion, would like to mark particular occasions in their lives with a sacred celebration. Or would like to be with others who have come together to read or meditate around themes like reconciliation or forgiveness or healing.

To join together in a ceremony which expresses joy and appreciation and unites all those who are present in a common purpose can be meaningful and uplifting. It enables us to connect with our own joy, with the hearts of others and the Spirit with which we are all connected.

Whatever people's beliefs, ceremony can be a very powerful way of integrating and honouring new experiences, life changes and personal commitments. Geraldine will work with you to put together a ceremony which is meaningful, contains your favourite writings and music, and which will never be forgotten.

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