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Diamond Edge Three Day Executive Retreat

Finding clarity and brilliance as a leader

Geraldine helps leaders and aspiring leaders to bring their best and fullest selves to each and every moment so they can more effectively manage their emotions, experience more peace and comfort in just being (in their own skin, new culture or new job, new relationship, in the moment) so they ultimately can be more secure and happy in their lives, and more successful in their leadership roles.

She doesn't teach them leadership strategies and tools like business planing and forecasting - things they do but helps them to explore their being.

Leaders want inner balance and high performance at the same time. Therefore they need some tools to help them to access the deepest part of themselves and sustain their inner balance in the busy moments of their lives.

The retreat is run in the heart of Connemara. It is important for leaders to leave their normal environment and their busy lives so they can more easily integrate their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. Her intention is that they experience a transformative process rather than just learn things at a theoretical level. Our true power comes from our deepest self. Geraldine will bring people in touch with that self so that they can create stability in themselves and more positive, motivating and impactful results for their families, their teams and their organisations.

The energy and the beauty of the landscape will infuse you as you work and learn and grow during this time.

The steps you will be taken through in this transformational experience will help you to:

  1. Explore the concept of power and identify the links between power, authenticity and leadership
  2. Identify your basis of meaning and energetic impulses that drive your actions
  3. See clearly what your best self looks like and remove the blocks that prevent you from accessing that best self all the time
  4. Explore and question the beliefs that hold up your thoughts
  5. Recognise that all stress is related to thoughts and practise ways of reducing stress in the moment
  6. Look at how to bypass deeply laid neural pathways by accessing the heart directly
  7. Explore the archtypal (spiritual) roles of leaders to see which you already use and which you would like to develop
  8. Produce your ‘authentic leader’ statement that you can measure your future behaviour against
  9. Select the tools and techniques that can easily be incorporated into your daily life and which you will commit to using.

To see Geraldine talking about leadership and the work she does with leaders click here.

Contact Geraldine for more details of the retreat and the pricing and to discuss scheduling.

Participant Comments

The program is specifically to provide high potential executive leaders with a customized personal development experience. The program approaches self awareness and stress reduction from a very unique perspective and gave me an opportunity to truly understand how to more fully and frequently live my “true and authentic” self by reducing stress and increasing overall personal gratification. There were many learnings that I will be able to apply to my daily life so I can ensure I take full advantage of the gift I received and am a better leader and person for having had the experience.

I’ve always prided myself on being very self aware, but this program took my insights to a new level by connecting my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical beliefs with tools and techniques that can be easily incorporated into my daily rituals to create more positive, motivating and impactful results for myself, husband, team and organization. I truly can’t say enough about the program. Geraldine has a broad menu of executive development programs she offers and is very effective at matching her knowledge and skill to the needs of the participants. I’d recommend this program or one of her group sessions to other executives who want to explore their potential and purpose more deeply and through self exploration increase their level of personal awareness, effectiveness and potential. Thank you again for a great experience (PepsiCo Senior Executive)

Geraldine Bown's 3-day 1on1 "Authentic Leadership" program was truly a transformational experience that has allowed me to positively impact my professional as well as personal life. This is not your typical business leadership program -- it is about identifying your statement of intent as a leader in life, and finding/maintaining your inner balance to be able to consistently live in sync with your intent... This is the only way to be an "authentic leader" and people really only "follow" authentic leaders. The concepts were immensely mind-opening, and got deeply engrained in me (again, a key difference vs other programs where learnings seem to evaporate the moment you are back in your daily routine)... I believe, having the program 1on1 certainly added a lot of value... It created the environment for me to be fully myself, look deeply inside, identify my intent... It also allowed Geraldine to introduce concepts/learnings at my pace, tailored to addressing the challenges that I the concepts really "sunk in"...In short, this was a great kick-start for my journey towards being an authentic leader...Thank you Geraldine! (PepsiCo Senior Executive)



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