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From diversity to unity

Moving from diversity to unity is about moving to a level of thinking which carries the genesis of something new. It is about going beyond interpersonal skills. In this new approach, the emphasis is changed. It is not about connecting with others in order to release energy which is much needed in organisations. Rather, it is about each of us individually releasing the energy of who we are so we can open up new possibilities in our relationship with others by being new in our relationship with ourselves. And we do this by moving to a new level and then learning to create the space for our interactions to be different because we are different. In this way, the journey of valuing differences takes us beyond the common and the ordinary because in its fullest expression it seeks to take us beyond ourselves. And it is from that new place that we can connect with others - be united with them.

In this session there will be an introduction to the underlying principles which will help us to be effective at all the five levels of Unity: unity with self; unity with another; unity in the workplace; unity with all people and unity of purpose.


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