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Personal and Transformational Leadership

The heart of leadership lies in the hearts of leaders. Leaders lead by 'being' not by 'doing'. Of course there are skills to be acquired which can be learned on courses. But a leader is a leader of people not of statistics or strategy. Leaders are in charge of people's hearts and spirits. So it becomes critical that they are in charge of their OWN hearts and spirits. They need to be aware of:

Geraldine helps leaders and aspiring leaders to bring their best and fullest selves to each and every moment so they can more effectively manage their emotions, experience more peace and comfort in just being (in their own skin, new culture or new job, new relationship, in the moment) so they ultimately can be more secure and happy in their lives, and more successful in their leadership roles.

There are two ways Geraldine works with leaders:

  1. a 4 day leadership programme for women - The Diamond Edge
  2. a one-on-one 3 day retreat for men and women -  Executive Retreat  


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