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Three new books to help you find and live from your power

Powerful Woman Tips: 100 ways to access and live from your personal power

This book is for all women. No matter how old you are; whether you work inside or outside of the home; whether you work in a large organisation or are self-employed; whether you manage people or not; whether you have children or not: there is something in here that will speak to you and benefit you. These 100 Tips have been designed to help you to access and live from your personal power. We all have that power inside us. In the past we thought we had to act like men to express it. Not anymore. Women now want to be authentic not game players; to be strong as well as feminine; to be recognised for their skills not their appearance. The Tips cover all aspects of your life and more importantly they cover how you relate to every aspect of your life. Women who have used these Tips have confirmed that they now feel more in control of their lives. And now you can too. Welcome to the new, authentic, powerful, you!

Reclaim Your Power - Reclaim Your Life: Living Your Life as a Powerful Woman

This book is to enable you to be more visible at work, less stressed at home and more in control of your life. It is based on the premise that you already possess an authentic power but, for a variety of reasons, you might have little access to this power base. We sometimes cannot change the circumstances of our lives but we do have total control over how we live the circumstances of our lives. This book helps you to reframe how you see the elements your life; establish and maintain an inner balance; take responsibility for being more visible and more valued at work; and direct every part of your life from a more powerful place. In short, this book will help you to transform how you live your life. We have to be able to access our inner power in all the aspects of our lives and each chapter will give you the keys you need so you can live your life from your authentic, powerful core.

On the Path to Authentic Leadership: The OPAL way to Leadership Success

More and more women are stepping into leadership positions.This is good news – we need both masculine and feminine energies to transform organisations. Yet it seems that women’s performance is evaluated differently to men’s; and women’s potential is evaluated differently to men’s. And the world of work still takes precious little account of the many roles women are living, only one of which is paid. On top of that, for many women there is an issue of “fit” when working in a masculine culture and maybe a male environment. How can women develop their unique leadership style which best reflects their natural gender perspective while maintaining their credibility? This book will help women – will help you –to access your feminine strengths and your authentic power and bring both of these forward into your leadership roles. It’s packed full of content to help you to remain connected and solid with your own truths, even if they seem not to be valued within the larger environment. It will help you express your perspective, however different, in such a way that reduces defensiveness and potential conflict, which in turn will help you to establish an authentic presence. You will become the woman leader you are meant to be; the woman leader our organisations need and the woman leader the world needs.

All the above books are now available on Amazon and other platforms.




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