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Personal Mastery for Leaders

How to be a powerful leader so you can inspire your people by your presence, maintain inner balance in times of stress, create graceful flow in your job and in your life and take your team to new heights of success

More and more leaders are realising the need to integrate their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves in order to carry out their leadership role from an authentic base. And many people would agree that they can access, on occasion, their 'best self' or 'higher self' and that when they do they are able to inspire their people and create graceful flow in their jobs and in their lives.

So how can you live from this inspired place? And how can you combine your high competence with great personal inner balance in a highly stressful job? The Personal Mastery programme will help you to do exactly that.

The Personal Mastery  90 day programme consists of a one day intensive, followed by 3 coaching calls with 90 days unlimited email support. The one day intensive gives leaders the opportunity to have a transformative experience of inner balance, connection, synthesis and integration so they can more fully and more frequently live their true and authentic selves at all times in their leadership role. Of course personal mastery doesn't happen in one day! But the experience of this day will give you a foundation on which to build and some tools to use to maintain your new base back at work. After the programme you will be supported by coaching calls and 90 days unlimited support.

The steps you will take during this day include:

The day will be held in Connemara where we can be closest to the powerful energies of the land and the beauty of the landscape.

You will benefit from this day if:

After this day are you will be more able to:

- play to your energetic strengths

- maintain a balanced state of mind no matter what is happening around you

- use tools to keep open the channel to your best self at all times

But the retreat day at the start of the programme is really about giving you the space to feel what it is like to have some balance between your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves and to realise that it is not only possible, but necessary for you to be operating as this balanced self in your leadership role.

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