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Practical Spirituality

During the day we will explore these questions:

  • is spirituality different for everyone?
  • how can I access my spiritual self
  • what does 'living in the now' really mean?
  • is meditation really important?
  • how can I bring spirituality into my everyday life?
  • how can I stay peaceful when my relationships are so stressful?
  • can I still be spiritual if I'm not even sure there is a God?
  • how do I know if I'm on the right track?



Before the workshop, delegates will be sent some pre-work - questions to think about, and they will discuss their answers in groups at the beginning of the day.

For more information please contact Geraldine.


Participant Comments

Geraldine is a great tutor on this subject. The workshop is enlightening as well as empowering. Wouldn't have missed it. A group of strangers just gelled together after about 5 minutes with full and open discussion. Highly recommended you do this one.

Neil Espin, Managing Director, CECO

Despite being unaware of what to expect, I intuitively knew that this workshop was for me. It provided me which much food for thought and an opportunity to engage in a range of focused and challenging activities. It was also fun! I feel that this workshop offers a good formula for exploring practical spirituality in a friendly and supportive environment. Thankyou for a great day Geraldine.

Jane Matthews

This was a most enjoyable and informative workshop.It is a difficult subject to present but Geraldine did so with great sensitivity and skill. Her willingness to be open and share her own experiences created a safe environment in which others could also open up. I would not hesitate to recommend both the workshop and Geraldine herself.

Elaine Spare

The workshop has helped me to move forward. I have found resolution to troubling matters from the past (things I thought were already laid to rest) and became clearer and more confident about the present. Very gentle, yet very powerful.

Sarah Bailey


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