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Spiritual Coaching

Life/Business Coaching
Coaching is gradually being accepted as a process for helping individuals who are at a particular crossroads in their lives. Their issue may be a personal one (I want a new image; I need to have a healthier life style; I want to improve the relationship with my mother.....) or it may be a career one (I want to change jobs but I'm not sure my skills are transferable; I want to get promoted but I feel I am always being overlooked......). In fact, there might be any number of reasons why people seek a coach. The coach will work with them one to one, either face to face or over the telephone, and in an agreed number of sessions (maybe four in the first instance) will help their client to set goals and identify steps that will help them to reach their goals.

Spiritual Coaching is different

Spiritual Coaching is a relationship we enter into with the purpose of helping ourselves and others to connect with our own spirit so that we can more easily connect at a deeper level with those around us. The aim of Spiritual Coaching is to help people connect with their own inner strength, wisdom and spirituality, whatever their beliefs. In a safe space of complete acceptance, the Spiritual Coach will assist people in gaining clarity and peace, and in gathering the inner resources they may need to take the next step forward in their life.

Spiritual Coaching will help people to come to know themselves as whole and complete and totally acceptable. The role of the Spiritual Coach is to see the client as just that - to hold the vision for them - especially at times when they can't see that for themselves. By holding this sacred space, the client can enter into a deeper experience of and relationship to the Divine in their life until such time as they are able once again, to create that space for themselves.

Spiritual Coaching (in line with any other coaching) is not a replacement or substitute for traditional psychotherapy. Spiritual Coaching may involve looking at negative patterns the client is experiencing and helping the client to move through and beyond them by employing metaphysical or spiritual perspectives and tools to shift perceptions, thought patterns and beliefs, which will help to change the client's experience.

Each client's unique spirituality and/or religious tradition will be honoured. It is not the job of the Spiritual Coach to impose their own spirituality or viewpoint onto others but to help guide the client to connect with their Spirit in a way that is authentic to them.

The major benefit of Spiritual Coaching is the dawning of a more personal, direct and intimate experience of Spirit - however Spirit is perceived. There is a sense not only of emotional healing, but of coming home to one's true self. Thus the Spiritual Coaching approach empowers people in turning to Spirit as the strength within them and learning to trust it as the rock upon which to walk through life.

Reasons why people might seek Spiritual Coaching:

  • They want a different approach to dealing with their lives, based on changing their beliefs and using a spiritual rationale
  • They have identified that there is another part to themselves apart from the physical, emotional and mental, which they have named as spiritual, but they have no idea how to access this part - or what to do with it when they have!
  • They seek clarity and understanding relating to a particular spiritual path e.g. Catholicism or Buddhism
  • They are confused about why a particular pattern keeps re-appearing in their life and they want a different approach to provide clarity
  • They want a better balance between their heart and their head but don't know how to get that
  • They want to be able to access both their masculine and their feminine energy to make their day to day interactions more effective
  • They want to explore different spiritual practices they can consider to help them to connect with their spirit
  • They are having a problem in forgiving a particular person in their lives and need some help to do it
  • They are conventionally successful but happiness has eluded them and they feel a gap within themselves which they think might be their undeveloped spiritual self. They want to get in touch with this side of themselves and look at the spiritual application of their strengths and gifts

Geraldine is available for working with individuals as a spiritual coach. This can be done in a two day intensive in Galway, or as a half day initial session with telephone and email follow ups, or as a series of telephone conversations over a four week period.

Participant Comments

In February 2002 my 37-year-old daughter died from breast cancer leaving behind two young children. My son-in-law's grief was expressed in anger and accusations towards me leading to a complete breakdown in communication within the family whereby I was unable to see my grandchildren. As well as feeling falsely accused I felt isolated and disempowered and unable to begin to tackle the process of grieving for my daughter. I met with Geraldine to discuss the situation. Through her excellent interpersonal and counselling skills she helped me to focus on the key issues and, more importantly, to believe in myself and to trust my own strength to challenge my son-in-law. After our meeting Geraldine continued to guide, support and inspire me to move forward. Relationships are much better now and I regularly see my grandchildren. I feel that out of everyone around me it was Geraldine who played the major role in helping to heal my emotional pain.

Jane Matthews
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