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Spiritual Coaching for Coaches

Spiritual Coaching and the GROW model
Good coaches adopt a non-judgemental attitude to their clients and are likely to be using the GROW model as a key tool. If you have had coaching in the past, or know people who have, then you will probable have heard of the GROW model as the keystone of the coaching process. In Spiritual Coaching, however, the application of the GROW model may be different:

G is for Goals........but what about the tension between ‘being' and ‘doing'? Suppose people are seeking to be in a state of non-attachment to outcomes - what does a goal look like in that case?

R is for Reality......but there is a difference between the truth of the situation and what we perceive to be the truth about the situation. And often people do not realise that by changing ourselves and our perceptions we can bring about a dynamic change in a relationship or conflict situation.

O is for Options......but suppose the options are not about doing something differently but about thinking and believing differently? And what would success look like then?

W is for Willingness........and our ego will fight every step of the way to keep us in our fear - a fear that will keep us separate from others.

Spiritual Coaching Skills

So a Spiritual Coach needs to:

  • Check out their own spiritual basis
  • Recognise the difference between operating from love and operating from fear
  • Assess their own beliefs in the light of the latest thinking in quantum physics
  • Regularly feed their own souls
  • Protect and maintain their own energy levels so their clients don't drain them
  • Connect with their own spirit so that they can more easily connect at a deeper level with their clients

Spiritual Coaching reaps dividends for both coaches and coachees. For the coach, there is the opportunity to connect with their own spirit, increase their own spiritual awareness and connect with people at a deep level. For the coachee, there is the opportunity - and permission - to see themselves in a new way - as whole and healed and worthy and unafraid. And who among us doesn't want that.............?!

Contact Geraldine if you are interested in this two-day workshop.

Participant Comments

A spiritual journey in itself, the workshop opened my heart to new horizons and expanded the realm of coaching to new dimensions

Very inspiring. I really liked her style i.e. combination of being down to earth and enlightening

An excellent inspiring day with much food for thought. It reenvigorated me and left me with a great store of energy.

She was great - very inspiring - the workshop has changed my outlook on life

Absolutely outstanding - fun, down to earth, inspirational, wise

Spirit underpins everything. Reach for your spirit and you'll reach your clients' as well

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