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Spiritual Exploration Workshops

It seems that people are hungry - but it is not that bodies which are hungry - it is their spirits. The hunger of the spirit is just as real and just as compelling as the hunger of the body. Like the body, the growth of the human spirit towards full maturation is a natural process. When something is needed, we feel it. When it is time for a new phase, it begins to happen. But, unlike the body, the answer is not to feed it by putting something into it but by discovering new dimensions inside ourselves. Spiritual exploration is about discovering the place for real and deep contact with ourselves.

Geraldine is offering a variety of one day workshops for groups in the West of Ireland and in the UK. These workshops will explore the nature of spirituality, provide an opportunity to learn new concepts and help people to integrate head and heart thinking.

Workshop style

The workshops are experiential and reflective. Work will be carried out individually, in pairs, in small groups and as a whole group.

There will be a range of self-reflective exercises, experiential and personal transformation activities, practical exercises and meditation techniques.

See Practical Spirituality for details about her current workshop.

**NEW** Workshops 

Geraldine has been a student of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings for over 6 years. Now she is seeking to share the basic principles of the teachings with people who are interested in exploring this path.

The teachings of the Master DK, telepathically dictated to Alice A Bailey over 30 years and comprising 30 volumes deal with the basic principles of life and laws of nature. They speak to the religious minded, the agnostic and the scientist.. They put forward profound ideas that have application to every department of human existence. Each person can interpret and apply the teachings according to their specific stage of development of intellect, mind and spirit and according to their own physical and social environment.

The workshops are run from Geraldine's home in Connemara, Ireland on a Saturday or Sunday between 9.30am and 5.00pm. 

For more information contact Geraldine.

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