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Spiritual Intelligence - the missing link in the leadership development chain?

The Leadership Challenge

The heart of leadership lies in the hearts of leaders. Leaders lead by 'being' not by 'doing'. A leader is a leader of people not of statistics or strategy. Leaders are in charge of people's hearts and spirits. So it becomes critical that they are in charge of their OWN hearts and spirits - they need to be operating from their highest Self.

Pathways to the Higher Self

Transcending our lower nature and growing into our full potential as human beings is the most important and fulfilling thing any of us can do with our lives. Yet although we might be drawn towards our own higher potential we quickly see that not only are there a variety of names for this journey - self-actualisation, spiritual awakening, personal transformation - but there seem to be a variety of paths we can follow - some linked to a religious tradition and some not. How to find our way through this maze? How do we become spiritually intelligent? Is this something else that busy leaders have to ‘fit in’? First, let’s be clear what we mean by ‘spiritual intelligence’.

What is Spiritual Intelligence?

Spiritual Intelligence can be defined as “The ability to act with Wisdom and Compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace (equanimity), regardless of the circumstances.” Spiritual Intelligence exists as potential in each of us – but like any intelligence it must be developed, and developed intelligences can be demonstrated as skills or competencies.

The Spiritual Intelligence Assessment Tool - SQ21

Cindy Wigglesworth ( has created a model which we can use to track our progress in our journey to spiritual intelligence. She calls it the Spiritual Intelligence Assessment Tool. The assessment tool measures twenty-one skills that combine to create the ability to be wise and compassionate in our behaviors, while maintaining inner and outer peace – even under great stress. The skills are divided into 4 areas - Awareness of Higher Self; Awareness of Universal Principles; Self Mastery and Social Mastery (Spiritual Presence).

How does it work?

People complete an online assessment which takes about 30 minutes and as a result they will receive a 20 page report. Then they have a scheduled 90 minute call with a SQ21 facilitator to debrief and discuss the report and to plan next steps. There is no right or wrong place to start from, no prescribed path and no set dogma to follow. The tool is both faith neutral and faith friendly.

My Role as Facilitator

For many years I have included in my leadership programmes the Spiritual Self as one of the pathways leading to Authenticity (the others being the Physical Self, the Emotional Self and the Mental Self). The SQ21 tool is a perfect framework for exploring the Spiritual Self and I see this tool more as an exploration tool rather than an assessment tool. It is designed to begin a conversation and chart a learning journey. It can help you to look at where you are, plan some concrete steps for growth and quickly see impact in the areas that matter to you. The development of Spiritual Intelligence is critical for leaders and it will not only benefit them - it will also benefit their families, communities and the organisations they work for.


There are two ways we can work together:

  1. you complete the SQ21 and have a 90 minute debrief with me
  2. you complete the SQ21 and we plan a programme together for 3 months consisting  of skype/telephone coaching calls and email support

OR you can just purchase the online assessment and receive your 20 page report without debrief or follow up coaching.

Feel free to call me for more information about the assessment process, the costs and how you get started. 

“Lead yourself first with such authenticity and depth that other people will choose to follow”

Cindy Wigglesworth Founder of Deep Change and the SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Assessment Tool

Geraldine is now a certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach

deep change

Participant Comments

The SQ21 Assessment Tool addressed my weakness - my spiritual side that I usually tend to ignore. When I first looked at it I hesitated and that was a great sign to go ahead! I think we need to explore things that scare us! I found it a great tool to learn more about myself in a constructive and process based way. It was extremely helpful to discuss the report with you; it provided insight on the areas I would like to focus on and looking at examples and talking about them was the guidance I really needed.

Senior Finance Executive: PepsiCo

I took the SQ21 Assessment because I am interested in the concept of spirituality and how it can be incorporated into Leadership at work. It brought up very interesting differences in how compassionate I am with others versus how compassionate I am with myself. The discussion with Geraldine about the report was extremely helpful. The important and most useful thing is to be able to draw clear links between growth in self-spiritual awareness and an improvement in the ability to lead.

Senior communications professional at a global manufacturing company


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