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Meeting the spiritual needs of a changing world.
But what exactly is ‘spirituality'? According to some, spiritually means, quite simply, waking up. Waking up to what? Waking up to a reality that is not the reality with which we are familiar. The reality we know is the one we live in consisting of concrete matter and a web of relationships on a variety of levels. We learn about ourselves and the world from messages we have been given by everyone with whom we have been in contact with; from actions we have done and their consequences; from experts who know more than we do. So maybe spirituality is about stripping the layers of learning so that we can uncover a deeper ‘self' that we are not quite in touch with at the moment.

There are growing numbers of people who are leaving organised religions for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is because they find that they can no longer subscribe to a fundamental belief or particular dogma. Other times it is because they take issue with those who are leading their particular religion and the man-made structures which seem to inhibit rather than enhance their own spiritual development.

Commonly held principles

Yet there are many principles which are commonly held by people of all religions, still held by those who leave a particular religious practice, and even held by people who would not describe themselves as religious or spiritual:

Working together

Now Geraldine wants to work with people who are interested in exploring their spiritual selves either in a group setting or in a coaching relationship. She will also be offering thoughts and reflections to act as a stimulus to people's thinking and their own spiritual journeys. More information at:

spiritual blog

spiritual exploration workshops

spiritual coaching


In addition to being ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 1998, Geraldine was awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Spiritual Development and Facilitation from the University of Surrey in 2007.


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