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Spirituality at Work - soft or strategic

Organisations who have long been talking about wanting their employees to bring their ‘whole self' to work, are realising that in spite of their dependant care support packages, in spite of their work/life initiatives, in spite of their employee assistance programmes - they are not providing the real sustenance that employees need - they are not feeding their spirits. They are also realising that unless they do this, creativity will dry up, stress levels will rise, motivation will decrease, exit levels will remain high and sickness absence will increase.

There is a growing interest in the concept of spirituality not only in society but in the business world. Spirituality is not an answer to anything - it is the question we ask which will lead individuals to find their own answers. Spirituality is concerned with an adventure, an enquiry into true self. Spirituality is a way of life - it is tuning into the deepest part of ourselves where our nourishment lies. It is from within that our own spirits will be fed and we will have the opportunity for real and deep contact with ourselves.

This presentation will explore what is meant by spirituality by examining some key aspects: how we define spirituality; the connection between spirituality and ethics; questions organisations might ask themselves to establish how ethical they are; what the words ‘love' and ‘integrity' mean in a workplace setting; the differences between spirituality and religion; the differences between wisdom and knowledge; finding purpose and meaning in our lives v. finding purpose and meaning in ourselves; how we can access our spiritual selves


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