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The universal laws of energy - how they play out in life and work

Energetics is an innovative approach of bridging physics and human science. Everything existing in our universe is organised energy and this energy obeys specific laws. In this presentation we will explore the three aspects of the nature of energy - the force of life impulse (the will to create); the force of manifestation (the outcome/form of the vision of the will) and the force of cohesion or union (the quality infused into the form so the intention can be embodied).

The exploration of energy in this way gives us a way at looking at humans, organisations and situations. As a result we have a method of analysis - of de-coding a situation, a diagnostic tool and a new way of finding solutions or corrective measures. This approach is accessible to all and to all cultures. It is applicable to everything and is open and inclusive. It doesn't exclude any other approach but encompasses them in a larger scale - in a more global vision. We will apply this approach to people and to values in order that the principles can be understood.


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