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Women's Leadership - The Diamond Edge

Sustaining clarity and brilliance as women leaders

This 4 day programme provides an exploration into the impact of authenticity on women's leadership effectiveness. Authenticity arises from a place of wholeness within and from there is improved ability to demonstrate effective personal power. For women leaders, developing authentic personal power also provides the means for leveraging our differences - to be clear and strong in our female perspectives, values and opinions while maintaining personal integrity and building trust with others. Leaders who understand how to manage their own inner dynamics can choose authentic, creative action over reaction, and positively impact their leadership effectiveness and influence. The programme gives women time to learn key tools for accessing their authentic self through the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual doorways.

Principles of the programme

  • Authentic Leadership arises out of being who we are – and not what we do – beingness v doingness 
  • Beingness is the base out of which authenticity arises 
  • Authenticity requires a conscious integration of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual selves. We can walk through any of the doorways of the self - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual in order to access and restore authenticity and wholeness 
  • Authentic personal power is based on the ability to consciously choose perspectives and actions that create positive energy, engagement and outcomes for everyone involved. 
  • We take who we are to every aspect of our lives. Working from our authentic self the being we present will impact our relationships, organisations, communities and the broader society.
  • Authenticity is not a costume to wear to produce results – it is a core foundation of being   

Maximum number of participants is 12 and the programme is facilitated by Geraldine Bown and Mary Casey who founded the Diamond Edge Programme in 2006. Smaller groups will be facilitated bu Geraldine. All programmes are in Connemara unless arranged as an in-house programme at a client location.

For more details of The Diamond Edge programme contact Geraldine:


Participant Comments

This is the first programme I have experienced where 'self' is put at the centre and the opportunity is given to develop a truly holistic view of the relationship between self, others and organisation. So many of the cultural conflicts that arise in many programme dialogues stumble at this point because they haven't embraced the essential role of 'self' in relation to everything. This programme has enabled me to recognise the qualities that make me a leader. It has also provided me with tools I need to do the job better.

It clarified for me the difference between a manager of people and a leader of people. It also clarified for me my own leadership style and its process with regard to past style, innate style and becoming style.

It gave me a new dimension of myself as a person and as a leader which I did not even suspect existed.

All the skills I have learned will definitely be used, not only in my professional but also in my personal life. The whole programme has been inspirational. A remarkable insight into how we function at all levels.

The balance between theory and practical was just right. Each exercise reinforced and clarified the learning point. This was so much more mind expanding than just a seminar. I have been inspired to raise my game and deeply challenged to see my authentic purpose.

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