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Welcome to Domino Perspectives
and Geraldine Bown
Change your perspective - change everything
​After 35 years running her business, Geraldine has decided to concentrate now on six particular aspects of all the work she has been involved with.

Domino Perspectives has been dedicated to working with organisations and individuals for over 30 years who are willing to see things differently, take personal responsibility for their own development and create the conditions necessary within themselves for their personal fulfilment.


Geraldine has worked as a Management Consultant since she founded her company in 1986. Her reputation has been built on her extensive knowledge of equality and diversity, her inspirational presentations and workshops, and her transformational approach to training. She has worked with many large corporate and multi-national organisations delivering programmes to all levels in the organisation from the Board down. She has also worked as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor since her ordination in 1998.

Underlying principles of all of Geraldine's work

Geraldine's work is underpinned by the following principles: 

  • Being able to change our perspective is key to personal growth

  • What we see reflects our thinking and our thinking reflects our choice of what we want to see

  • A great leader is able to access, and integrate all the aspects of themselves – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual

  • Our spiritual self links us to a bigger perspective of meaning (see video below to learn more about Spiritual Intelligence and the SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Assessment)

  • Self-awareness is a pre-requisite for making conscious choices, living passionately and transforming our lives to bring about deep fulfilment

Working with Women

Geraldine has worked with women at all levels - Board level, senior management, women aspiring to leadership positions, support staff - and many are still facing the same issues that women have faced for many years. These include not being seen, not being heard, walking the fine line between confidence and arrogance, not being able to say No and having low self-esteem. Now Geraldine has put all of her teaching for women into 3 books showing women how to access and live from their inner power. All books are available NOW on Amazon.

Books for women to help you to transform your lives!

Click on the images to buy from Amazon

From Emotional Intelligence to Spiritual Intelligence












Areas of Work

  • Diversity and Inclusion Training - interactive awareness presentations for large groups 

  • Women’s empowerment workshops and mentoring

  • Conference and Public Speaking on personal transformation

  • Spiritual Exploration – workshops on spiritual exploration plus individual spiritual coaching and Reiki treatments.

  • Sacred Ceremonies – weddings and others

  • Spiritual Intelligence - workshops, online assessment, individual coaching

  • s-linkedin


For information about Geraldine's work in the area of women's empowerment and leadership contact Geraldine at: 


For information about Geraldine's work as an Interfaith Minister, Wedding Ceremonies and Spiritual Exploration workshops see:


For more details about Spiritual Intelligence and to take the Spiritual Intelligence online assessment contact Geraldine at

+353 868 832 4277

If you are interested in reading about Geraldine's life, you can find her memoirs at

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