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Welcome to Domino Perspectives
and Geraldine Bown
Change your perspective - change everything
​After over 35 years running her business, Geraldine has decided to concentrate now on six particular aspects of all the work she has been involved with.

Domino Perspectives has been dedicated to working with organisations and individuals for over 30 years who are willing to see things differently, take personal responsibility for their own development and create the conditions necessary within themselves for their personal fulfilment.


Geraldine has worked as a Management Consultant since she founded her company in 1986. Her reputation has been built on her extensive knowledge of equality and diversity, her inspirational presentations and workshops, and her transformational approach to training. She has worked with many large corporate and multi-national organisations delivering programmes to all levels in the organisation from the Board down. She has also worked as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor since her ordination in 1998.

Underlying principles of all of Geraldine's work

Geraldine's work is underpinned by the following principles: 

  • Being able to change our perspective is key to personal growth

  • What we see reflects our thinking and our thinking reflects our choice of what we want to see

  • Mastery of self means being able to access, and integrate all the aspects of ourselves – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual

  • Our spiritual self links us to a bigger perspective of meaning

  • Self-awareness is a pre-requisite for making conscious choices, living passionately and transforming our lives to bring about deep fulfilment

Business Mentoring

(message from Geraldine)


In 2024 I am launching Business Mentoring for Start Ups and existing small businesses.


I work individually with Business Owners to help them to develop and grow their businesses. Whether you are just starting out or looking to expand your small business I can use my experience and knowledge to give you a new perspective. I will understand your needs and your fears and I can help you through them.

As a business owner for over 35 years, building my consultancy to be a leader in its field, I came through two recessions and expanded to a staff of 15. We were the first company in the UK to have a nanny on the payroll and all employees had a benefits package unmatched by even large companies.

For my first few years, I was helped enormously by a Chairman of another company who became my non-executive director. His advice was invaluable. Now I want to help other small businesses in the same way - not as a non-executive director but as a business mentor.

I understand the problems you face when you start your own business:


  • Customers demanding attention NOW

  • Agreeing to unreasonable demands because you are so keen to give good service

  • Saying ‘yes’ to everything in case you don’t get anything else - and ending up doing things you don’t want to do

  • Having trouble stopping work because if you don’t do it - who will?

  • Neglecting your home life to meet deadlines

  • Not making any money

  • Wondering why you thought it would be easier to work for yourself...

I can help you to navigate the path you have chosen so you can enjoy the peace and joy you crave as well as the fruits of success.

I can work with you 1:1 in my home or your home/office (in Galway) or online as well as running a group programme.One to one PLUS group coaching -in person or online - I'm flexible to fit in with your schedule. As a Management Consultant I have supported my clients in their organisations to bring about transformational change. I can help you to do that in your business and in your life. And having presented about work/life balance I can make sure you don't lose yourself in the process.

Contact me to book your free 30 minute conversation about how I can help you and your business.

Areas of Work

  • Business Mentoring for individuals and groups

  • Conference and Public Speaking on personal transformation

  • Spiritual Exploration – workshops on spiritual exploration plus individual spiritual coaching 

  • Reiki treatments at Screebe House Connemara

  • Sacred Ceremonies – weddings and others

  • Spiritual Intelligence - workshops, online assessment, individual coaching

  • s-linkedin


For information about Business Mentoring and to book a free 30 minute conversation with Geraldine contact her at: 


For information about Geraldine's work as an Interfaith Minister, Wedding Ceremonies and Spiritual Exploration workshops see:


For more details about Spiritual Intelligence watch this video on my presentation of "From Emotional Intelligence to Spiritual Intelligence"


To take the Spiritual Intelligence online assessment contact Geraldine at

+353 868 832 4277

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