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About Geraldine Bown

Geraldine Bown is the Managing Director of Domino Perspectives established in 1986; a former President of the European Women's Management Development Network and founding member and past Vice-President of the European Institute for Managing Diversity.


In the past thirty-five years Geraldine has presented and trained all over the world. She has co-authored three books written for women managers, which were translated into ten languages. She also co-authored one on managing home and work for BBC Publications which accompanied a BBC programme featuring her and her family. She has also written From Diversity to Unity: Creating the Energy of Connection – which was co-authored with an American friend and colleague Mary Casey.


She co-created The Diamond Edge Programme with Mary who also facilitates the programme for more than 8 delegates. This is a renewal programmes for leaders, especially those working globally. Geraldine and Mary have run this programme in Connemara and Minneapolis. Past delegates to Connemara have came from Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Russia, Serbia, Istanbul and Cork. Geraldine also delivered The Diamond Edge in Zanzibar - the inaugural programme for Africa. Geraldine also offers this programme as a one on one Executive Retreat in Connemara.


Geraldine's personal reputation is built on her inspirational presentations and her transformational approach to training. In 2018 she published three books for women: Powerful Woman Tip: Ways to Access and Live from Your Personal Power; Reclaim Your Power, Reclaim Your Life: Living Your Life as a Powerful Woman; On the Path to Authentic Leadership: the OPAL way to Leadership Success - all available in print and kindle on Amazon UK.


Geraldine has developed a unique two-hour diversity and inclusion awareness training session interacting with groups of up to150. This dynamic presentation not only educates people about diversity and inclusion but motivates people to accept their personal responsibility in the interactions they have at work. The session manages to go beyond the surface and deal with sensitive issues while ensuring that people don't feel judged and criticised. This session is typically commissioned by organisations who want to give all their employees a consistent message about diversity and a common language and framework so they can continue the conversation after the session. Geraldine received an ASTD (now ATD) citation for Excellence in Practice for her diversity work with PepsiCo International in the area of Building a Globally Inclusive Organisation, having delivered diversity and inclusion awareness training to over 4000 managers in over 25 countries.


Personally, Geraldine is a Reiki Master and in September 1998 was ordained as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor. She completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Spiritual Development and Facilitation at the University of Surrey, Management School in 2006. She is a trained facilitator of the Spiritual Intelligence Assessment Tool - SQ21 and co-tutored on the SQ21 training programmes in Europe. She is a registered solemniser of weddings in Ireland which means she can legally marry people as well as creating a beautiful, spiritual, personal ceremony. 

She now focuses on Business Mentoring for individuals and groups; creating beautiful, spiritual, legal weddings ceremonies for couples in Ireland; and running Spiritual Exploration workshops from her home.

Geraldine lives in the heart of Connemara, Galway in Ireland.


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